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About Huawei Cloud

HUAWEI CLOUD is a leading cloud service provider, which brings Huawei's 30-plus years of expertise together in ICT infrastructure products and solutions. We are committed to providing reliable, secure, and cost-effective cloud services to empower applications, harness the power of data, and help organizations of all sizes grow in today's intelligent world. HUAWEI CLOUD is also committed to bringing affordable, effective, and reliable cloud and AI services through technological innovation.

Docubinet on Huawei Cloud

Docubinet is one of the Robust and Intelligent Enterprise Document Content Management System build using Huawei Cloud Services, that helps all sizes and types of businesses around the world to capture, analyze, distribute, store, and utilize contents and data effectively. Docubinet was developed using Micro Services architecture which enables each component and features are interconnected using API and these APIs can be consumed by any other third-party business applications. A complete API documentation is available using Swagger API documentation.

Technology Overview

Docubinet was developed based on M(D)ERN technology stack. Web and cloud application development is not what it used to be, even a couple of years back. Today, there are so many options, and the uninitiated are often confused about what’s good for them. Based on our experience and exposure in the market segment working with large local and multinational companies to adopt document management system where the performance and scalabilities are concerned on a Cloud Environment, MERN would be the right choice to look at for various reasons.

M(D)ERN Stack

M(D)ERN stands for MongoDB (Document Database Services – DDS), Express, React, Node, after the four key technologies that make up the stack.

MongoDB (Document Database Service - DDS)

MongoDB is a document-oriented, No-SQL database used to store the application data. Document Database Service (DDS) is a MongoDB-compatible database service that is secure, highly available, reliable, scalable, and easy to use. 


A framework layered on top of NodeJS, used to build the backend of a site using NodeJS functions and structures. Since NodeJS was not developed to make websites but rather run JavaScript on a machine, ExpressJS was developed.


A library created by Facebook. It is used to build UI components that create the user interface of the single page web application.


The JavaScript runtime environment. It is used to run JavaScript on a machine rather than in a browser.


Image Search

Image Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Question Answering Bot (CBS)

Huawei Cloud

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Docubinet on Huawei Cloud

(Software as a Service)

Domain Name Services

Vulnerability Scan Service


Cloud Eye

Log Tank Service

Huawei Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Document Database Service

Host Security Service

Storage Disaster Recovery

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Virtual Private Cloud

Elastic IP

WEB Application Firewall

Object Storage Service

Elastic Cloud Server

Docubinet Infrastructure Blueprint on Huawei Cloud



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